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Travelling to Spain
day trips from Barcelona

5 day trips from Barcelona you shouldn’t miss

Barcelona is a city where you could get lost for days. However, it’s worth taking a day or several to explore the nearby areas. In Catalonia, there is a lot to see and do, but to save you time, I have selected the 5 best day trips from Barcelona.

Day trips from Madrid

5 day trips from Madrid you’ll regret not doing

Although Madrid is a huge city with many options for tourists, there are some beautiful nearby destinations that are worth a day trip. The following day trips from Madrid are less than two hours away and can be reached by public transport. I always recommend including some of these visits on your trip to Madrid, because they are stunning places!

best places to visit in spain

10 best places to visit in Spain (and to fall in love with)

Spain is a country with a huge variety of beautiful destinations to enjoy. But there are some places that no traveller visiting Spain should miss, because they capture the essence of the country. Here I’ve chosen the 10 best places to visit in Spain.

Spanish food

Original Spanish flan recipe: an easy and unique dessert

Do you know that one of the most popular Spanish desserts has only three ingredients and is very easy to prepare? Of course, I’m talking about the Spanish flan recipe! With ingredients that you certainly have in your kitchen, you can improvise this delicious homemade dessert and enjoy its unique texture and flavour.


8 tempting Spanish desserts to enjoy like a child

If you love Spanish gastronomy, you must save a special room in your heart (and your stomach) for these Spanish desserts. But beware! you run the risk of becoming addicted! Don’t say I didn’t warn you …. These are the traditional Spanish desserts that you should include on your wish list.

Learning Spanish
25 spanish quotes about life

25 Spanish quotes about life (with English translation)

Some people have given us great glimpses of wisdom about life. Find here Spanish quotes about life, with English translation.

25 spanish quotes about love

25 beautiful Spanish quotes about love (with English translation)

It is said that love is the strength that moves the world. Find here beautiful Spanish quotes about love, with English traslations.

learn spanish for free

How to learn Spanish for free: the best online resources

Are you wondering how to learn Spanish for free? Nowadays, the Internet gives you many options to learn Spanish for free, but there is so much information available that you might feel that you don’t even know where to start.
Here you will find a guide with the best online resources to learn Spanish for free, so you can stop searching and start learning.